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::  Sillery Gaon -- Damsang Fort ::
Damsang Fort
This fort was built in 1690 and it was the last home of the Lepcha King- Gyabo Achuk. However the Lepchas lost the fort to the Bhutanese who subsequently lost it to the British after the Anglo-Bhutan War of 1864. Today only ruins of the fort exist and according to the locals, the earthquake of Sep, 2012 has destroyed it further.
One can see the ruins of a stable where horses used to drink water, the water source where the queen used to have her bath. The hike is a steep climb and is an ideal place for bird watching. A little beyond the Damsang Fort is the Hanuman Top, where a sculpture of Hanuman is placed. This place offers a nice bird’s eye view of Kalimpong and its adjoining areas.

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Damsang Fort Ruins
Ruins of Damsang Fort

Damsang Fort Ruins
Ruins of Damsang Fort

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